Examination regulations

Approval for Examinations

Every instructor without a teacher on site is obliged to receive corrections 3 times per year in order to maintain or increase the quality of his Iaido, and out of responsibility to his students. Valid corrections are:
1. Lessons with Tanaka Motomu Sensei in Japan
2. Participation in courses of the Europa Shibu and
3. Individual lessons with Patrick Fehr Sensei
If it is not possible for the instructor to fulfil this requirement, his students can not be admitted to Dan examinations in the respective year. However, these students can be admitted to Dan examinations if they themselves have received 3 corrections in the respective year, as mentioned above.

Individual lessons with Patrick Fehr Sensei are offered only for instructors and assistant instructors.

If two instructors with the same graduation are practitioning in one Dojo, it is considered sufficient if these two have taken part in four different correction dates in total.

Examinations – 6th Dan & above

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled in order to obtain admission to the examinations in Japan for 6th Dan (ZNIR) and above:

Two years before the examination, the standard of 3 corrections must be met.
In the year before the Dan examination, 4 correction dates must be met. In the year of the examination, the candidate has to attend
2 corrections for the Kyoto (May ZNIR) examination,
3 corrections for the Germany (July / August Eishin Ryu) examination and
4 corrections for the Hamamatsu (October ZNIR) examination.
Consent is required from:
The Examination Committee of the Europa Shibu (first instance) and
President of the Europa Shibu Tanaka Motomu Sensei (second instance).

Currently, the Examination Committee consists of:
Patrick Fehr, 8. Dan Kyoshi
Christian Bucher, 7. Dan Renshi
John Görmann, 7. Dan Renshi
Wout Verschueren, 7. Dan Renshi
Christoph Kopp, 7. Dan Renshi

Members of the Examination Committee are required to take 3 corrections each year.

An Iaido year is a calendar year.

Approval requests for the examinations for 6th Dan and above are to be sent to Christoph Kopp by e-mail (info@eishin-ryu.de )or via telephone (Tel .: +49 (0) 30/25812129).
Valid from January 1, 2009

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